Collection: Phoenix

If there is one word that summarizes the keys to this collection, it is Fénix.
Fénix is ​​a coincidence in my life. A lesson in adventure, freedom and play.

He appeared one morning in my workshop with a slice of carrot cake, eyes full of the entire ocean and a desire to glaze. I don't have much hand with children and without realizing it, there I was; occupying a place, observing and reproducing everything I told him. Ten minutes later, she had already reinterpreted all the enameling theories, had created new ways of enamelling... and to make her skill clear, she began to sing and dance in her chair while she worked.
As if I were free. Because it was.

Fénix is ​​based on the curved line and its intention to surround, to seek the embrace. Warm colors enhance one's light and freshness. Pure, simple and clear lines dominate, the intention of which is to show themselves as they are to give way to the creature within ourselves.

"and now the soap bubbles
They have become indestructible,
It would not be just in case
that would become probable
the impossible"

(Garlic. Micropoems)