Collection: Cupcakes and Flowers

My proposal for the Ginger & Velvet summer collection is inspired by my grandmother's kitchen. There was never a lack of a bouquet of fresh flowers while she prepared some delicious muffins . My grandmother was an expert in floral design without ever having set foot in a school of that discipline. In the greenish glass vase, he mixed colors, shapes and smells so that it seemed like lilies, gerveras and wildflowers were dancing. And when this vegetal dance of senses was joined by their "secret" cupcakes , for me it was inevitable to take advantage of an oversight and put my finger in the dough to taste it, risking the final result. And there I stayed, with the corner of my lips stained and my grandmother's tender gaze pretending not to have seen me, looking, smelling, touching and almost listening to how those delicious and sweet creatures grew inside her pleated skirt.