Inspiration, passion and creativity: this is how Ginger and Velvet was born

At the heart of Ginger and Velvet, you find Maite G. Tejedor, a passionate artisan, and Juanjo Villanua, a visionary entrepreneur, who together transform materials, rings, enamels and resins into authentic works of art. In our workshop in Madrid, each jewel is more than a piece; It is a story that comes to life.

Meet Maite

Our vision: The heartbeat of craftsmanship.

At Ginger and Velvet, we believe that jewelry is much more than decorations; They are carriers of stories and emotions. Our mission is to offer versatile, adaptable and durable pieces that reflect each person's individuality and style. We want our jewelry to integrate perfectly into the daily lives of our customers and become inseparable companions on their personal journey.

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Design: Each jewel tells a story

With a design team in our studio in Madrid, Ginger and Velvet redefines the boundaries of contemporary jewelry. With gold as our emblem, we draw inspiration from the world around us to create pieces that combine timeless elegance with modern elements. From illustrated series to exclusive and numbered pieces, each jewel is made of noble metals with 24ct gold plating and decorated with hand-made enamels.

Anillo lámina Ginger & Velvet


Craftsmanship is at the heart of Ginger and Velvet. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail. From the choice of material or inspiration from some vital moment, to its transformation into a finished jewel. Our artisans execute each step meticulously. We use high quality materials and traditional artisan workshop techniques to guarantee the quality and uniqueness of each piece.

Human commitment

At Ginger and Velvet we are committed to making a positive change in the jewelry industry with timeless designs full of humanity. Our manual processes are carried out by the entire Ginger and Velvet team, everyone being part of each piece that makes them unique. So unique that no two jewels are identical. Additionally, we strive to ensure ethical and responsible practices in all aspects of our business, from material sourcing to manufacturing and packaging.