Learn about the workshop: how to create a personalized piece of jewelry

We work all our pieces from a whole. We think about the theme, we develop the story and, as if it were a play, we tell the different acts in the form of personalized pieces. We model the prototypes, drawing, sawing, polishing, dyeing, melting and bathing, until we obtain the jewels that will tell the story we imagine. Pure "slow work".

From the illustrated series, where plastic artists paint the original illustrations for each G&V collection, and graphic designers who model, color and assemble the illustrations chosen by our designer Maite G.Tejedor, to the Premium series, with exclusive, original pieces treated with modern jewelry techniques.

In our workshop open to the public, we can show you how we carry out all these processes and even let you be part of your own creative process in our monthly jewelry workshops, where you will learn to think about your piece, enamell it, assemble it and some basic jewelry techniques. . Visit us and enter the "slow work" world of GinGer & VelVet.