Terms of use



These Conditions of Sale together with the Rules of Use of the Website www.gingervelvet.com will expressly regulate the purchase and sale relationship between GinGer & VelVet with address at Alameda Street, 4 in Madrid (28014), and the Website User who purchases GinGer & VelVet brand items on the domain www.gingervelvet.com (hereinafter referred to as the CUSTOMER).

Purchasing GinGer & VelVet brand products through its website, implies express acceptance and without reservations of any kind, of each and every one of these Conditions of Sale. The CUSTOMER's acceptance of these conditions is regulated by the online acceptance of these conditions through the procedure of clicking on the button provided for this purpose when making the purchase, which includes “Pay securely”.

Any modification to these Conditions of Sale will be notified to CUSTOMERS on the Website www.gingervelvet.com .

The promotions of the online store www.gingervelvet.com do not have to coincide with the promotions of the Ginger & Velvet physical stores or stores that distribute Ginger & Velvet products. These are exclusive promotions for online sales that may or may not, be the same in time and amount with said physical stores and distributors, and it is not possible to claim prices from one sales or distribution channel in a different one.


In accordance with the provisions of Law 47/2002 reforming Law 7/1996 on Retail Trade Regulation of January 15, and Law 34/2002 of July 11 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce , the CUSTOMER, before placing an order, has the right to know the essential characteristics of the Products he or she wishes to purchase. In this way, GinGer & VelVet informs the CUSTOMER that the photographs and descriptions of the Products for sale do not have a contractual nature, being only illustrative, and do not commit GinGer & VelVet. , who, taking into account the state of technology, does everything possible to ensure that the colors and shapes shown by the Products in the photos displayed on the Website are faithful to the originals, without variations in the colors and tones presented being possible due to technical limitations. and depending on the monitor on which they are viewed.

All orders placed by the CUSTOMER are subject to the stock of the Product and its availability.

If the order is made up of a single item and it is not available, the CUSTOMER will be informed to the email address designated when registering on the Website www.gingervelvet.com and may change their purchase and replace said item with another available in the store. online for an amount equal to or greater than the initial one, or wait between 4-6 weeks for the out-of-stock item to be replaced.

If the order consists of several Products and some of these cannot be served, the CUSTOMER may change their purchase and replace said item with another available in the online store of the same or higher amount, or wait between 4-6 weeks for it to be delivered. replenish the out of stock item.

GinGer & VelVet reserves the right to withdraw or modify any Product from the Website at any time and/or its content.

GinGer & VelVet is not responsible for errors caused by technical malfunction of the CLIENT's Internet connection service.


All prices of the Products are expressed in Euros, and include VAT.

Product prices do not include shipping and delivery costs.


Once the CUSTOMER has selected the Products they wish to purchase and, before proceeding to pay for them, a final summary will be presented identifying the Product(s) purchased and their total price (Taxes and transportation included).

GinGer & VelVet will try to ensure that all information on the price of the Products is accurate, but without guaranteeing the absolute absence of errors. In the event of an error in the price of a Product, GinGer & VelVet will send an email to the CUSTOMER indicating the correct price of the Product and requesting confirmation of the order. In the event that the CUSTOMER does not confirm the purchase of the Product at the correct price, the purchase of the aforementioned product will be deemed cancelled. In the event that GinGer & VelVet cannot contact the CUSTOMER, the order will be considered cancelled.

The price of the Products will be that indicated on the Website, and may be modified by GinGer & VelVet whenever. Price changes to the Products may not affect the amount of confirmed orders.

Secure payment

The Customer may pay the Orders and shipping costs by: credit card (Visa and Mastercard), or Paypal.

If the payment method adopted is a credit card, this will be done through the PayPal Secure Purchase payment platform. This payment system complies with the secure electronic commerce standards adopted by the international card brands Visa and MasterCard to guarantee the buyer's ownership.

Through this system, in order for the CUSTOMER to purchase with their credit card, it will be essential that the bank issuing the credit card accepts payment through Secure Purchase. Therefore, if you have problems with your purchase, please contact your bank. Once the CUSTOMER has decided which Products to purchase and has completed the purchase steps, they will access another page in a secure environment where they must enter their card number, expiration date and identification code (verification digits). ). The next step is to verify the CUSTOMER's ownership and verification of the purchase by the card issuing entity, an operation that is carried out through the system determined by the client's Financial Entity. If the customer is identified and the purchase verified, the transaction will be processed securely. Once the payment has been completed, the customer can return to the Website.

GinGer & VelVet You never have access to confidential information related to payment methods.