Maite G. Tejedor

Tools, rings, enamels, resins, drawers, ideas that are born and sometimes survive, grow and evolve, and other times they fly and disappear, or become seeds of many others... spotlights, coffee, soft music... and at the center of all this, Maite.

Maite is not just another piece of the Ginger & Velvet world...not just any piece. He mixes ideas, colors, shapes, dreams, fears...and from his shaker comes a universe full of meaning and that fills the senses...if you look closely, from his head you will see animals emerge that fly without wings, plants that They grow without water and a relaxing silence full of extraordinary sounds. All his collections represent a play in his creative mind, where inanimate characters speak, think, feel and transmit.

Endowed with an extraordinary sensitivity for the arts (Bachelor in Hispanic Philology, Piano studies and Master of Interpretation at the prestigious Juan Carlos Corazza School) she opens the doors of her rich inner world to us, now through the design of stories... They are not just jewelry.