Collection: Unsuitable

Sometimes it is difficult for me to explain the inspiration for the collections I design. Many times, I am aware that when I do it there is a certain modesty in the way I tell it, as if trying to make what I explain sound good or be politically correct. I guess it happens to everyone who exposes themselves to the public. What would happen if something was not accepted or was not politically correct?

Unsuitable is a reflection on all those “you have to…” like “you have to dress like that because if you don't look like…” “you have to behave like that because if you don't it will look like you are…”, “don't eat with your hands…” “don't provoke…” “don't dance in that way that they will think that…” “Dress how you want, be how you dream. And if one day your dreams change… change with them.”

Maite Tejedor